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2019 CSAT/CSAP and NASADAD Annual Meeting Presentations

CSAT/CSAP Annual Meeting


The Changing Role of Government in Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Opportunities and Challenges by Elinore F. McCance-Katz, MD, Ph.D. (SAMHSA)


SSA Session:

The Critical Role of State Systems in the Context of Epidemic SUD by Onaje Salim, Ed.D. (SAMHSA)

CSAT Directions Moving Forward by Anne Herron (CSAT)

State Approaches to Developing the Residential Treatment Continuum for Substance Use Disorders by John O’Brien (TAC)

Utilization of Smart Phone Apps Related to SUDs in the Publicly-Funded System by Rosie Andueza (ID), Doug Thomas (UT), and Kirk Lane (AR)


CSAP Prevention Leadership Summit:

Regional Updates

Leadership Summit and Listening Session by Johnnetta Joyce-Davis


Plenary Sessions:

Collaborating Across the Continuum of Care to Address the Opioid Crisis by Anne Herron (CSAT), Rebecca Boss (RI), Danielle Kirby (IL), and Jennifer Smith (PA)

Providing Prevention Through Collaborations with the Educational System by Beverly Johnson (AL), Patti Clark (KY), and Angie Stuckenschneider (MO)

Leveraging the SABG and Medicaid to Expand and Improve Services by Kristen Beronio (CMS), Joyce Starr (OH), and Michael Langer (WA)

State Approaches to Culturally Competent Services by Larke N. Huang, Ph.D. (SAMHSA), Janice Petersen, Ph.D. (LA), and Jared Yurow, Ed.D. (HI)

Supporting Holistic Health through Integration with Physical Health Services by Valerie Mielke (NJ), Mark Stringer (MO), and Linda Wittmuss (NE)


NASADAD Annual Meeting

Capitol Hill Happenings: Life after CARA, CURES, and SUPPORT by Rob Morrison (NASADAD), Carol McDaid (Capitol Decisions), and Mark Stringer (MO)

Recent Court Actions Impacting the Substance Use Disorder Field by Anita Marton, J.D. and Gabrielle de la Gueronniere, J.D. (Legal Action Center)

2019 NASADAD Awards Slideshow

2018 NASADAD/CSAT/CSAP Annual Meeting Presentations

CSAP Summit
Speaker: Fran Harding


Speakers: Fran Harding, A. Kathryn Power, Daryl Kade, and Deepa Avula


Women’s SUD Initiatives in the Time of the Opioid Epidemic
Speakers: Nancy Young (CFF), Starleen Scott-Robbins (NC), and Chris Scalise (NJ)

  • Combined slides by Nancy Young, Starleen Scott-Robbins, and Chris Scalise


Primary Prevention in the Time of the Opioid Epidemic
Speakers: Janice Petersen (LA) and Craig PoVey (UT)


Strategies to Ensure Access to and Quality of Recovery Housing
Speakers: Tom Hill (National Council for BH), David Sheridan (NARR), Ute Gazioch (FL), Kevin Moore (IN), and Allison Bauer (MA)


Innovations in SUD Services and Implications for the Substance Abuse Block Grant
Speakers: Edward Mersereau (HI), Barbara Bazron (MD), Mark Stringer (MO), Steve Hanson (NY), Michael Langer (WA)

  • Combined slides by Eddie Mersereau (HI), Barbara Bazron (MD), Mark Stringer (MO), Steve Hanson (NY), and Michael Langer (WA)


Collaboration on Workforce and Block Grant Agencies
Speakers: Holly Hagle (ATTC), Beth Rutkowski (ATTC), Jenny Wood (CO), Edward Mersereau (HI), Phyllis Millspaugh (KY), Gail Taylor (VA)