NASADAD releases fact sheet on marijuana. The fact sheet provides information on trends in use and admissions to treatment; the effects of marijuana use, particularly on youth and adolescents; and marijuana's public health impact. Read NASADAD's Marijuana Fact Sheet.

NASADAD releases State Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Practice Guide. The Association, along with its State Youth Substance Abuse Coordinators Committee, gathered information about existing State guidance for adolescent treatment and recovery services, identified essential elements of treatment and recovery systems for adolescents with substance use disorders (SUD), and developed this guidance document. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly also published an article (found here) about the release of this document. Read the State Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Practice Guide.

NASADAD releases policy statement on efforts to prevent fatal opioid overdose. The statement outlines the Association's support for expanding access to naloxone and 911 Good Samaritan laws as tools to prevent overdose deaths. Read NASADAD Policy Statement on Efforts to Prevent Fatal Opioid Overdose.

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  • Officers
  • President: Mark Stringer, MO

    First Vice President: Theodora Binion, IL

    Vice President for Internal Affairs: Barbara Cimaglio, VT

    Vice President for Treatment: Dave Felt, UT

    Vice President for Prevention: Kim Fornero, IL

    Immediate Past President: Flo Stein, NC

    Secretary: JoAnne Hoesel, ND

    Treasurer: Kathy Skippen, ID

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  • Region I: Joseph Harding, NH

    Region II: Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez, NY

    Region III: Gary Tennis, PA

    Region IV: Cassandra Price, GA

    Region V: Kevin Moore, IN

    Region VI: Rochelle Head-Dunham, LA

    Region VII: Kathy Stone, IA

    Region VIII: JoAnne Hoesel, ND

    Region IX: Cory Nelson, AZ

    Region X: Kathy Skippen, ID