NASADAD is taking steps to develop a policy statement on 42 CFR Part 2. Read more here.

NASADAD Sends Letter to President Obama in support of Michael Bottcelli, Acting Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), to become the permanent Director of ONDCP. Letter of Support for ONDCP Acting Director Botticelli

NASADAD Releases Report State Substance Abuse Agencies, Prescription Drugs, and Heroin Abuse: Results from a NASADAD Membership Inquiry

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  • Officers
  • President: Mark Stringer, MO

    First Vice President: Theodora Binion, IL

    Vice President for Internal Affairs: Barbara Cimaglio, VT

    Vice President for Treatment: Dave Felt, UT

    Vice President for Prevention: Kim Fornero, IL

    Immediate Past President: Flo Stein, NC

    Secretary: JoAnne Hoesel, ND

    Treasurer: Kathy Skippen, ID

  • Regional Directors
  • Region I: Joseph Harding, NH

    Region II: Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez, NY

    Region III: Gary Tennis, PA

    Region IV: Cassandra Price, GA

    Region V: Kevin Moore, IN

    Region VI: Rochelle Head-Dunham, LA

    Region VII: Kathy Stone, IA

    Region VIII: JoAnne Hoesel, ND

    Region IX: Cory Nelson, AZ

    Region X: Kathy Skippen, ID