National Prevention Network

The National Prevention Network (NPN) is an organization of State alcohol and other drug abuse prevention representatives that provides a national advocacy and communication system for prevention. State prevention representatives work with their respective State Agency Directors to ensure effective alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse prevention services in each State.


The NPN believes that prevention is a complex process requiring more than a singular strategy or approach. A wide range of factors contributes to alcohol and other drug problems, and their prevention is based on the understanding that these factors vary among individuals, geographic regions, age groups, racial/ethnic groups, and gender groups. Effective prevention is a systemic responsibility involving local, State, and National agencies, organizations, and groups. The NPN provides leadership, coordination, and communication to its member States and to the prevention field in general. The NPN uses its leadership role to promote high-quality prevention services through:

  • Communication among States to increase awareness and availability of effective and innovative prevention strategies;
  • Advocacy at National, State, and regional levels for prevention services;
  • Development of recommendations and policy guidelines to enhance State use of prevention resources;
  • Involvement of prevention professionals nationwide as associate members;
  • Leadership of national campaigns to mobilize cooperation around national efforts.


The NPN has established committees on the following topics:

  • Workforce Development
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Branding & Communications