Buprenorphine Prescriber Limits Information

A variety of discussions have taken place (and continue to take place) at the national level regarding ways to expand access to medication-assisted treatment. One method that has been discussed is to increase the amount of patients that physicians can prescribe buprenorphine to as part of substance use disorder treatment. Under current law, physicians may apply for a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine to up to 30 patients in their first year and 100 patient in following years. NASADAD takes these discussions very seriously and is working through a process to provide education to our members and host forums and discussion to allow our members a chance to voice their opinions.

NASADAD has not taken a public position on these proposed changes. However, in 2010, NASADAD released a statement in support of medication-assisted treatment. Other national organizations have begun to take public positions on this issue.

As part of NASADAD’s educational efforts, we released a section-by-section analysis of one such proposal to alter the buprenorphine patient limit.

Statements by National Organizations: