Exemplary Awards Archive 2003-2010

August 2010:

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH: Is a series of four 1-1/2 hour classes offered at senior centers, retirement housing facilities, churches, nutrition sites and other locations where older adults gather.  The series is designed to impart information and skills to reduce the risk of alcohol and medication-related problems in adults 55+ throughout the South Bay and Westside areas of Los Angeles County.  The four sessions are:

* Medicines: Friend or Foe: The dangers of medicine misuse
* Using Medicines Wisely: Critical drug information and reading labels
* Take Charge of Your Medicines: Preventing common errors
* Talking To Your Doctor: Making the most of limited time

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August 2004:


1. To collect, analyze and prioritize injury/illness/fatality data related to traffic crashes and substance abuse

2. To develop a comprehensive regional plan to address education/prevention, intervention, treatment and enforcement

3. To serve as the catalyst, to standardize health and safety public policies, and to change social norms within the three jurisdictions

4. To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of regional programs

5. To evaluate the effectiveness of the Coalition’s initiatives


The coalition is open to all individuals, agencies and organizations interested in improving the quality of life for all who live, work or play in this tri-state region.

August 2003: