Board of Directors Contact List

The NASADAD Board of Directors is composed of Single State Authorities (SSAs) for their States. The Board has a President, First Vice President, Vice President for Treatment, Vice President for Internal Affairs, Vice President for Prevention, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as 10 regional representatives elected by the Association members in the region.

President: Cassandra Price
Immediate Past President: Mark Stringer
Vice President for Prevention: Michelle Nienhius
Vice President for Treatment: Joyce Starr
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Kathy Stone
Secretary: Rosie Andueza
Treasurer: Doug Thomas
Regional Director I: Rebecca Boss
Regional Director II: Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez
Regional Director III: Mellie Randall
Regional Director IV: Diane Baugher
Regional Director V: Kevin Moore
Regional Director VIII: Doug Thomas
Regional Director IX: Kyle Devine
Regional Director X: Rosie Andueza