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Principal Executive/Manager E (Addiction Services Manager)

JOB CODE: OHA13-0127
OPENINGDATE/TIME:     02/05/13 12:00 AM
CLOSINGDATE/TIME:     02/19/13 11:59 PM
SALARY:            $5,304.00 – $7,811.00 Monthly
JOB TYPE:         Permanent
LOCATION:       Salem, Oregon
AGENCY:           Oregon Health Authority-Addictions & Mental Health


OHA13-0127 The Oregon Heath Authority (OHA) is a state agency dedicated to helping peopleand communities achieve optimum physical, mental and social well-being through partnerships, prevention and access to quality, affordable health care. We are absolutely committed to ongoing innovation in the delivery of services, and to recruiting, developing and retaining dedicated employees.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) strives to create inclusive environments that welcome and value the diversity of the people we serve. OHA fosters fairness, equity, and inclusion to create workplace environments where everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, religion, sex,disability, physical stature, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation and any other factor applicable bystate or federal law.

This employment opportunity is with the Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH), within OHA, responsible for programs, policies, community services, and state-operated public institutions serving persons with mental illness, alcohol and drug, and gambling problems. With a biennial budget of approximately 1 billion dollars, the Office employs more than 100 persons directly and contracts for services with hundreds of programs at the county and community level across the state. There is one permanent, full-time position located in Salem (500 Summer  Street NE).
This recruitment announcement will be used to establish a list of qualified candidates to fill the current vacancy and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.

Please be aware that due to the economic downturn and subsequent state budget short-fall these positions will be required to take furloughs in thebiennium 2011-2013.


The primary purpose of this position is to provide assistance to and act inconcert with the Addictions, Operations & Contracts Administrator the Addictions and Mental Health Division to set strategic direction for and manage the full range of substance use disorder and problem gambling prevention, treatmentand recovery support services throughout the state of Oregon for children, youth, adults and older adults. This position is responsible for providing program leadership in directing the development and implementation of policies, procedures and program priorities that ensure the access and quality of addictions prevention and treatment services for eligible Oregonians.

This position ensures conformance to legal requirements; advocates for community and client needs; integrates and coordinates interagency activities; and ensures effective use of resources. This position reviews, approves, and directs the unit’s budget requests and provides input and recommendations to the Division’s budget requests. This position analyzes the impact of state and federal regulations and policy on addiction programs and services. This position is responsible for presenting explanations and justifications for additional resource requests to executive leadership, including the Director of OHA, the Governor’s office, legislators or other high level officials in order to obtain approval of required resources to implement the division’s programs and policies. The individual in this position is part of the Division’s executive staff and is a key leader in establishing the overall direction and mission of the Division.

Act with full authority and in support of the Addictions, Operations & ContractAdministrator.

Act on behalf of the Administrator in the performance of delegated activities inhis/her absence concerning policy development, prevention and clinical program leadership, development and implementation of community programs for persons of all ages who need publicly funded alcohol/drug prevention and treatment services.

Determine statewide prevention policies through five professional prevention staff.

Provide leadership in the development of statewide substance use disorder and problem gambling policies and services through nine professional treatment and recovery support services staff.

Represent the mission, goals and objectives of AMH by providing leadership in alcohol/drug issues to other state agencies/departments, the Legislature, community mental health programs, consumers and advocates, the press and other interested parties.

Serve as AMH liaison to designated political, professional, service or advocacy groups i.e.; OHA Public Information Officer(s), Association of Community Mental Health Programs (AOCMHP), the Oregon Prevention, Education and Prevention Association (OPERA), Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), and the Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA).

Represent OHA and AMH by providing leadership in situations involving sensitive case issues of high media and public interest. This position may represent AMH as the National Treatment Network or National Prevention Network Representative, a component group of the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD).

Other duties as assigned.


This position is highly visible to agency and department staff, to the public, to advocates withboth local and statewide community planning groups, and to interagency professional and high level staff decision makers. Occasional travel throughout the state to community providers, stakeholders, and community partners is frequently required. Irregular work hours and overtime, including weekend meetings and travel can be expected. Must be able to exercise a high degree of tact and diplomacy in public relations and to demonstrate consistently sound judgment in making decisions that could have significant staff, client, or public impact. High volume of work with short time frames for completion is common. Occasional public speaking engagements, both in and out of state are expected.

You must have a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record. If not, you must be ableto provide an alternate method of transportation.



Your answers to the supplemental questions must be consistent with your described work  experience. Your application will  be reviewed to determine if you meet minimum qualifications. Qualified applicants with backgrounds that most closely match the needs of the position(s) willbe invited to interview. Resumes’ will NOT be used to determinequalifications unless it clearly states a resume’ is required in the jobposting.

Three years of management experience in a public or private organizationwhich included responsibility for each of the following: a) development of program rules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals andplans, c) program evaluation, and d) budget preparation.



Two years of management experience in a public or private organization whichincluded responsibility for each of the following: a) development of programrules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans, c)program evaluation, and d) budget preparation; AND 45-48 quarter hours(30-32 semester hours) of graduate level coursework in management.


Three years of professional experience as a program/project leader, assigningand reviewing work of professional staff (e.g., engineers, etc.) including projectresponsibility for developing goals and objectives, project evaluation, andmonitoring and controlling or preparing a budget.

In the “Work History” section on your application, you must clearly describeyour experience in each of the a), b), c), d) areas listed. Failure to provide thisinformation may result in eliminating your application from furtherconsideration.

Note: If you are using education (a degree or coursework) to qualify for this position, transcripts must be submitted for all required or related courses. Transcripts can be official or unofficial at time of application. If you are using your education to meet the minimum qualifications and do not attach yourtranscripts your application may be removed from consideration.


All positions in OHA require a criminal records check.

Applicants should possess professional alcohol and drug credentials.

Applicants should possess experience leading and supervising a team ofaddictions treatment and prevention professionals.

This position also requires an understanding of addiction prevention and treatment technologies and evidence-based practices, knowledge of the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders; indepthexperience working in this field is required.

Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications and most closely match the desired attributes will be invited for an interview.


If you need assistance to participate in the application process, you areencouraged to call 503-945-6667 (voice) 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)Monday through Friday. TTY users please use the Oregon TelecommunicationsRelay Service: 1-800-735-2900.

If you are offered employment, the offer will be contingent upon the outcome ofan abuse check, criminal records check and driving records check, and theinformation shall be shared with the OHA, Office of Human Resources (OHR).Any criminal or founded abuse history will be reviewed and could result in thewithdrawal of the offer or termination of employment.

OHA will communicate with all applicants by e-mail.

To apply, follow the “Apply” link above and complete the Oregon employmentapplication online. All application materials must be received by the closing dateand time posted on the announcement. A resume’ (text or attachment) will not replace the work experience section of the application. For help withapplying online, please contact 1-877-204-4442.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Email Addresses Required

The State of Oregon requires all applications have a valid email address.

If you do not currently have an email address and do not know where to go toget one please refer to our Applicant E-Recruit FAQ’s web page. Click on the linkbelow to go directly to question #14 to view several internet providers whereyou can get a free e-mail account. The state of Oregon does not endorse anyparticular provider.

Applicant E-Recruit FAQ’s

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The Oregon Health Authority is committed to affirmative action, equalemployment opportunity and workplace diversity.

Addiction Services Manager Supplemental Questionnaire